Welcome to Roaddogs Travels Great American Eclipse Adventure!

Since we are so far behind on getting this out there this presentation is going to be a little different than usual and we will add things to it from time to time. Part of the reason it is late in getting online was that It took awhile to figue out how to make the presentation. First off we took with us a 360 degree camera and processing that footage is not the same as regular video and you can't combine the two, or at least I havn't figured out how to do it yet. Secondly when I got back I also discovered I did not shoot as much regular photos as I usually do. Part of this was because we were shooting so much 360 footage and partly because we spent a great deal of this trip dodging forest fires. This part of the country had been suffering a terrible drought and as a result this was one of the worst fire seasons ever. While it did enhance some of the photos it mostly brought dreary brown skies. All in all a great trip but tricky to present it properly.

None the less Here is