It is about 100 miles to Crater Lake from Roseburg so as usual we were up and out early. The first thing that was apparent was the sky was going to be brown again with greatly reduced visibility. There was a large fire at the bottom of the mountain. It was a trip that required me to shoot my photos in raw mode so I could at least adjust the photos in photoshop.

The smoke filled forest was the only bothersome part of the trip.

Miss Lynn and the old Roaddog at the edge of Crater Lake.

Even with heavy image correction the smoke made pictures tricky.

Drive the rim road all the way around the lake. Beware that it is often being repaired and maintained so there are occasional delays. I had actually attached the "b" roll camera to the car in order to film the beauty of the road but somehow the damn lens cover got closed and all we got was the whistle of the wind.

Along the way there are many places to turn out and see incredible things. While this is long extinct, you definitely understand what it is like to be at the edge of a volcano.


Even with the hazy air and very poor visibility the drive around the rim of Crater Lake was wonderful and if you ever make it here yourself I strongly urge you to take your time on the drive. There is so much to see and no matter how well you take your time it will be over far too soon.

Volcanoes are remarkable things and whenever they finish erupting and the lava cools and flows away, the landscape is left with many lava tubes and hollow spaces water can flow through and small streams can flow down and suddenly disappear into the rocks only to reemerge as rivers. In the case of Crater lake we have the Rogue river in a kind of dance as it flows above and below ground, in and out of lava tubes and tunnels all the way down the mountain.

As we left the Crater Lake area going down the opposite side we went up and along this route saw rushing rivers, lava spires and some of the most beautiful forests anywhere so inspire of the air it was a beautiful way to spend the day.

We spent the night in Medford and got a good nights rest.