Our plan for day 7 was simple enough, we were going to head south out of Medford on the 5 and head west along the Klamath river to visit our friends Johnnie and Gary before our drive through the mountains and forest to Redding. As many of you know Gary is the last surviving member of the Roaddogs beside myself and we visit whenever we get out this way. It would be quite a challenge on this route because of all the fires.

The smoke along our route was intense

We spent a little time with Gary and Johnnie reminicing about the glory days over lunch and then back on the road to face the inferno. The road was erie as hell and had not only heavy smoke but there were extremly small embers that burned into the wax. so this day was spent wandering along the road hoping to get to Redding fast.

Overall it was quite an experience and one I hope we do not have to repeat anytime soon. I am glad to say the drive was uneventful overall but as long as the environmentalists won't allow the government to manicure our forests these super fires will continue to be a problem.

We made it to Redding and got a great nights sleep.

This video will give an idea of what it was like traveling through the fire areas in 2017. One of he worst fire seasons ever.