As usual we headed out early. We had already decided that this would be our only really hard pressed day of travel with Eureka as our goal for the first day. We were making such good time that when we hit Leggett we decided that we would stop at a little tourist trap known as Confusion Hill. This part of the world has a lot of these little places and they are all fun in their own way. We have never shown you Confusion Hill so today is the day.

The largest freestanding chainsaw caving in the world.

Confusion Hill was built in 1949 on a spot they claim has strange magnetic anomolies. There is a gift shop, 2 main attractions and what they claim is the largest free standing chainsaw carving in the world.

The 2 attractions are a train ride and a Mystery house that has some descent optical illusions and they are always fun.

A little word of warning!
If you suffer from vertigo going thru sets that involve optical illusions may trigger an attack.
The Mystery House almost brought the old Roaddog to his knees.

They claim weird anomilies to gravity and magnetic fields.


My splice isn't perfect but both of these pictures were shot from the same spot with all camera settings identical.

We did not take the train ride which looked like it would be fun because we still had the avenue of the giants to drive through and those of you who have traveled with us before know that is one of my favorite places in the world.

All in all a good place to stop and stretch the legs and see something a little different.

If you would like to know more you can visit their site at

Also if you want a little spoiler on how these illusions are created click here


The water outside the Mystery House appears to run uphill.

Forest road with that first hint of smoke.

From there we took a drive through the avenue of the giants. As many of you know, to me this part of the world is the most beautiful I have ever seen and it was here we got a glimpse of what we were if for during this whole trip. Fires! While here we were many miles away, the smell of smoke was heavy in the air and the sunlight was just diffused enough to make this picture of the road interesting.

We have shown you this area several times in the past so we are no going to elaborate here. You can however check out the border to border adventure and see it all.

We finished the day in Eureka.

Miss Lynn in the roots of a fallen giant. Border 2 Border Adventure, 2015