At last the big day and we were excited as hell to get going. We were still about 70 miles or so from where we had planned on viewing the eclipse. That place is the Oregon gardens in Silverton and wanted to be one of the first in line. So off we went well before dawn and that made it easy geting in. They really did not have the disabled access thing thought out. It was a bit of a hassle geting in and a very long walk getting out. But here we were and we got a great spot to setup our viewing space. We had done our research and we were within 30 miles of dead center moon passover and in the complete darkness zone. So this spot should be spectacular.

The view from our spot on the lawn around 7:30 am

That same view an hour later.

The Lovely Miss Lynn waiting on the sun.

As the moon slips in between the earh and sun, shadows get real weird.

We has arrived in plenty of time to relax and people watch and beleive me something like an eclipse bring out the people to watch.

As it gets closer to the time for the eclipse the light starts to change and yet with only minutes to go o what is supposed to be complete darkness you are thinking it is still too bright and then it happens.

Check out our 360 degree video below to see what it was really like.

Full eclipse.
A great video of the Great American Eclipse