Our plans for day 2 was to just wander around the forests of northern California and southern Oregon. It was meant to be quiet and relaxed and it was. As I explained in the intro for the trip. We were experimenting with a 360 degree camera and we did not shoot as much conventional pictures as we normally do and I have not had the best of results from that 360 degree footage so my apologies for not having more for you on day 2 bur I will let the pictures we do have speak for themselves.

One of the cute little shops you find in Trinidad.

The morning met us with heavy fog on the coast. We drove about 22 miles north of Eureka and decided to grab breakfast in Trinidad. This quaint little seaside town is one of California smallest incorporated cities. It is nestled in the cliffs overlooking Trinidad Harbor. If you wander down the hill to sea level there is a nice restaurant by the boat launch. Descent food and a very interesting atmosphere.

The old Roaddog and the lovely Miss Lynn at Trinidad Harbor

You will find a real nice rental space at Moonstone beach. Perfect for weddings, birthdays or whatever.
After breakfast we wandered around to check out this cute little town, checked out Moonstone beach and then hit the road once more.
Our goal for the day is Grants Pass Oregon so we took the 199 as it split from the 101 at Crescent City. From there we just meandered along stopping at the different places of interest along the way.

The drive to Grans Pass was spectacular and anyplace you decide to stop and explore will be a great experience.

This is the life of a Roaddog, wandering around aimlessly taking in all of the sights and sounds of the world in complete awe.

So with day 2 in the books we arrive in Grants Pass and got a good nights sleep.