As we came down out of the mountains and into the flat lands of the San Juaquin valley we saw much of the aftermah of the fires in the eastern Sierra's this summer one of the worst fire seasons on record. It hampered our trip from day 1 and devistated many thousands of acres of prime California forest. It was a quiet drive home and in spite of all the fire dodging and hazy skies it was a great trip. Whenever Lynn and I get loose together it always turns out great.


As we got to the southern end of the San Juaquin Valley at the Tejon Pass highway 5 climbs into the mountains at a place called the grapevine. Named for the wild grape vines that grow alongside the road and up the side of the mountain. A the top you will come to Fort Tejon an old army fort from the 1800's. It is a good place to stop and stretch your legs and lean alitle history while seeing just how they had to live in an old west fort. Interesting place and our last stop before hitting our home in Los Angeles.

So there you have it our Great American Eclipse trip 10 days on the road and while hindered in some ways with the fires, smoke and camera problems it was a geat adventure. We got to see some really cools things and share them with you. The only sad part was the dust up at the Rodeway inn. The way we were treated and the subsquent handling of the situaion by the Choice Hotel Group will amke so we never give them another Plug on our trips. We have many frequent stay points so we will definetly use them for our freebies but after that we probably won't be staying with choice anymore. That could be a good thing though as there are many nice little independent hotels tha we can stay in and promote.

Thanks for coming with us on this adventure! So until next time this is Hugh saying so long from Roaddogs Travels.