We left early on day 5 with just a leisurely day planned. We had reservations in Roseburg so had all day to play. We headed west on state highway 38 and the skies were a hazzy brown from all of the distant fires. We lucked out with the eclipse. For whatever reason that was the only really clear day on the whole trip. About halfway to the coast the Umpqua river intersects the road and runs alongside to the ocean and along the way there is much to see in terms of natural beauty. Birds, elk and other wildlife can be spotted along the way and it was easy to get lost in it and we were at the coast before we knew it, had a quick lunch and headed back along 38.

Just before Elkton along highway 38 you come to the Elkton community education center and it is here you will find their butterfly pavilion. It is very interesting and you will be able to walk through an enclosed garden with monarch and painted lady butterflies galore. You will also be able to watch them emerge from their chrysalis into full fledged butterflies.

Until I saw it for myself I always thought it took hours for it to happen and in reality it takes just a few minutes.

All in all a terrific experience and one you will enjoy. If you would like to learn more visit.
Butterfly pavilion at Elkton

From there we just meandered along the Umpqua river on highway 138 and 33 into Roseburg where we got a good nights rest. Tomorrow is a big day and one we are looking forward to because tomorrow we go to Crater Lake.

From chrysalis to butterfly in 3 minutes