After a long night on the road stopping only for 20 min cat naps here and there along the road. The couple of hours we actually spent in that horrible bed at he Rodeway inn had left me in terrible pain and the overnight drive did not help matters. We finally made Yosemite around sunrise. Our original plan had us driving around Lake Tahoe today but instead it would be Yosemite. Not the worst trade off. Even though we arrived tired and worn ou from the road this is a place that refreshes and reinvigorates so we decided to take a lap around the valley floor and to film it with our 360 degree camera

We were on the valley floor before any of the restaurants or other venues opened so it gave me a chance for another cat nap. Once things opened we had breakfast and then it was time for a lap around the valley floor. We took our time so we could film the whole thing and then a second lap so we could stop and walk around. It does not matter how many times you go to yosemite you will always find something new to see. Unfortunetly the long night and almost 10 days on the road fianlly caught up to us so after the second time around the valley floor we headed out to Mariposa for our last night on the road.

A full lap around the valley floor of Yosemite as seen through our 360 degree camera.