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After a wonderful night at La Push I was up before the sun. I gazed out the window at the fantastic view we had and decided to get the cameras rolling early. I set the main video outside and turned it on. The resulting time lapse came out great.  

Day 3 Overview Video.


Sunrise at La Push Beach, Washington

With the break in the weather looking like it was going to hold we were excited about the plans for the day. Today we were going to visit the Hoh Rainforest. One of the wettest places on earth. All of my research indicated that there were few days when it did not rain here. It was the main reason I had bought the rain panchos and while we did need them at Cape Flattery the day before, We were lucky enough to arrive on one of those days it was not going to rain. UNBELIEVABLE!

So the days adventure started in La Push, we drove out to the HOH Rainforest and got in a good hike. Then we were off to Ruby Beach for another hike and photos there. After leaving there we stopped along the 101 at one of the beaches for lunch.

We decided since we got lucky yesterday with our surprise at La Push, that we would get off the main highway and hug the coast in hopes of finding another surprise place. We turned off the 109 at Roosevelt Beach road and drove out onto the beach where we got in a quick drone flight.

After that we just got lost in the beauty of the road and before we knew it we were almost at the Oregon Border. We pulled into Long Beach got a hotel and called it a night.

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