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We spent the rest of the day lost in the road. We had lunch at one of the many beach turnouts and wandered through the forest where the spruce trees get real large burls forming on them. When we got south of the Quinault Tribal lands we decided to get off the main road and back out to the coast. Our hope was to discover a nice little place like we had done at La Push the night before.

As we got out of Pacific Beach we turned off at Roosevelt Beach road and went out on the beach. In this part of Washington the beaches are wide and you are allowed to take your vehicle right out on the sand. We decided this would be a great place for a drone flight. I still have a lot to learn about flying this thing but little by little the clips are getting better.

central Washington map


Drone Flight South of Pacific Beach 

101 north

The 101 looking north.

101 south

The 101 looking south

beach 4 walk

All the beach turnouts along this stretch of road have lovely trails to wander through.

lunchy lynn

Miss Lynn fixing lunch at the side of the road at beach #4

spruce burls

Here the spruce trees develop large tumors and they are not completly sure of the reason.

burl trail lynn

The lovely Miss Lynn out in the forest.


After the drone flight we just wandered down the coast looking for that unique place to stay. We just got lost in the beauty of the road and before we knew it we were almost at the Oregon border. So we headed into Long Beach and got us a place to stay. We were in the mood to stay on the beach and one place we stopped they recomended the Chautauqua Lodge Resort. We were also told they had a good restaurant. We decided to stay there and all I have to say about their recomendation is "WRONG ON BOTH COUNTS!" First off they didn't tell us that the beach was 1/4 of a mile away. Nor did they mention that little things like the fireplace didn't work. Now lets talk about that "Good" restaurant. YECHHHH! While the man at the bar provided good service, the food sucked! I was not only served up the weakest cup of coffee I have ever been served in my life. It was undrinkable! And if that were not bad enough they also had the gall to serve me the toughest filet mignon I have also ever had! It is not often you can find 2 cullinary worsts at 1 place.

I am not happy about 1 cent I spent in Long Beach, Washington.

beach 4 view

The beach overlook. Well maintained trails and piles of driftwood.

south bend garden

A garden along our route in south Bend.

Long Beach sunset

The view from our room. The sunset was the only redeeming feature of Long Beach. I am sure that beach is out their somewhere.

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