Ruby Beach Title  

Ruby Beach was our next stop and it was one of the places I really wanted to see. There is a nice parking lot and then it is a steep climb down the trail but it is not far and not overly strenuous, however, my knees let me know I had been on a climb by the time I got back to the car.

When you get to the bottom of the hill just realize the toughest part of the whole climb is getting from the trail over the pile of driftwood on the beach. Once done it is then a tricky walk along the beach because it is not sand but medium sized river rock.

Stick with it because it is well worth the minor obstacles to spend some time here.

I really wanted to get a drone flight in but for some reason I could not get the compass to calibrate properly so I had to pass.

Ruby Beach Map

Ruby Beach Overlook

A view of the beach from the trail.

Ruby Beach Flower

There is much to discover along the trail.

Ruby Beach 1

Beach Level looking back into the forest.

Ruby Beach 2

Quarter turn to the right.

Ruby Beach stack

Sea stacks are one of the noteable features of this beach.

Ruby Beach 3

The Washington state icon, Driftwood on the beach.

Ruby Beach 4

The view looking north.

Ruby Beach fern

Here in the rainforests plants grow anywhere, everywhere.

We left Ruby Beach and headed south.



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