So our plan was simple enough, go to Jamaica for Christmas. Sandals had been advertising stay at one get to visit all. "All inclusive" Sounds great, sign us up. We planned on showing you all 6 resorts, the four Sandals and the 2 Beaches resorts. At least that was the plan.

I had been to Jamaica 30 years ago as a young man and it is one of my greatest memories. Renting a motorcycle and riding along the coast. Visiting the jerk shacks and small bars that line the coast you get a chance to actually meet and experience the Jamaican people where they live. If you stay in large resorts anywhere in the world you expect good service and prompt polite service. It has been my experience however that away from the workplace the locals are not always so nice. If you get out and experience the real people in Jamaica however you will find the folks in the resort are showing you the true face of the Jamaican people.

I knew Miss Lynn would love it.

So off we went. Now I had never heard anything about Spirit airlines so when making my reservations they had the best price so click.
First mistake. Miss Lynn even decided to upgrade us to the "big seats" up front. I have since learned the airline advertises itself as an "ULTRA" low cost air carrier.

We get to the airport and go to check in our 1 bag, Miss Lynn and I have got pretty good traveling together with only 1 bag. $50.00 to check 1 bag with this airline. Turns out the bag is 4 pounds over the limit. I don't know about you but I am not about to start unloading my bag in the middle of the airport so I say pay the overage fee. ($30.00)

OK, so the big seats up front were roomy enough as far as width goes, but they did not have near the leg room I expected, and the damn thing did not recline in any way shape or form. How in the hell are you supposed to relax on a plane without at least some recline????? I have never in my entire life not had a seat able to recline on an airplane! EVER!!
We transfer in Detroit literally stepping off 1 plane and on to another. Never a good sign for luggage keeping up.
And of course the luggage does not make it to Jamaica with us. I think you know where I am going with this.
NEVER FLY SPIRIT AIRLINES!!!! Remember you get what you pay for so the few dollars you might save in the front end is going to get you in the rear end.
And just so I don't have to bitch anymore about it I will tell you that the return flight was no better. The big seats were not available for our return flight so we had the regular seats and I will tell you they are the worst seats in the history of aviation. Now I understand that I am disabled and my back and legs are much more sensitive to bad seats but these were ridiculous and within a half hour of a 5-1/2 hour flight I was in so much pain I was ready to cry.

So in addition to horrible seats and crappy service we now have a mountain of paperwork to do in order to get some of the additional charges incurred for having no luggage. Never fly Spirit airlines.

For our trip we choose the Sandals South Coast mainly because it was the only one that still had rooms over the Christmas holidays. When we arrived in Montego bay and learned our luggage had not arrived we realized that choice of Spirit airlines was affecting our trip more and more. They told us the luggage would be there that night. After filling out the lost luggage report we went over to the Sandals greeting station and checked in for shuttle to the South Coast. I was expecting to travel along the coast dropping off other guests at both Beaches and Sandals Negril but instead we headed straight over the mountains along a road that was a little bumpy. The drivers in Jamaica are always a little aggressive and reckless so when you throw in a road like this it becomes quite the experience. I have traveled many a far off road so I found it exhilarating, Miss Lynn not so much.

By the time we got to the resort we had been traveling all night and we were tired but not beat. Since we did not have our luggage we could not change into something clean and comfortable so we decided to walk around the resort and get a feel for it all. A quick bite at the Jerk shack and then sunset on the beach.

Late lunch at the jerk shack

Sunset from our rooms view.

Day one was in the books. In spite of a crappy all night flight and the loss of out luggage it turned out quite nice.

The luggage never gets here today but no matter. We are in paradise, we got a room with a view, we survived the road in and best of all we are on the road with each other.