The very first thing in the morning I raced over to the lobby to see if the luggage had arrived. It had not. Time to get on the horn to the airlines and find out what was going on. They told us not to worry it would be there today. We had picked up a couple of things at the gift store so we at least had something clean to slip into. We were starting to be annoyed with the airline but decided not to let it bother us and we would just find out how to catch the shuttle to the other resorts and plan how we were going to show it all to you.

We were about to have the second disappointment of our adventure.

Something you should be aware of!

The Sandals company have 6 resorts in Jamaica. 4 are Sandals resorts for adults and 2 are Beaches resorts for families. They are all inclusive, beautiful and first rate places to visit. They also advertise if you stay at 1 you can play at all 6. What they don't tell you is if you stay at the south coast Sandals there is no free way to get to the other resorts and it will cost $120.00 per person for transportation to and from the Sandals in Negril and more to get to and from the others. Apparently if you stay at Montego Bay, Negril or Ocho Rios Sandals you can get between them on some sort of shuttle. But they do not let you know that in their ads.

This revelation took us by surprise and needless to say it threw a monkey wrench into our plans but we are experienced travelers and can pivot so I went to plan "B" which was to rent my own car and get us there ourselves.

Guess what? I was informed there was no place on that side of the island to rent a car!

OK plan "C" purchasing different adventures from a little book they have. We choose out 3. A zip-line/river tubing trip, a bamboo rafting trip and a trip to Dunn's River falls. We said we didn't care which adventure took place on any day we had left. We were then told they would let us know if we were approved.


You mean you can't just go on an adventure anytime? Come to find out the South Coast resort is considered so far out they won't arrange transportation unless there is more than just 1 couple booking it for that day and time.

Sunrise day 2 from our balcony

Now I was feeling trapped and thinking the inside of Sandals South Coast was the only thing we were going to see. We had no luggage but were told by the airlines i was coming in from Ft. Lauderdale and would be there that night. Slightly disgruntled we decided to spend the day by the pool and try to make the best of it. I mean what else could we do?

We signed up for the glass bottom boat tour offered there at the resort for the next day. At least it was included but we were informed because of storms and visibility issues it could be canceled as it had been the last 2 days. The way this trip was going it would not surprise me.

The rest of the day we just lounged around the pool and enjoyed the food and drinks there at the resort and called it an early evening. Before turning in we dangled our feet in the Jacuzzi and watched the sunset with a lovely couple from Brazil, Cecilia and Guilherme. So day 2 ends with a lovely sunset and interesting conversation with new friends.

Our luggage did not arrive as promised.