Panoramic Photos from the Roaddogs Travels (Click any picture to see enlargement.)

11-21-2021 I tried to capture a great timelapse of this sunrise, but alas it was not meant to be. The wind was blowing so hard it blew over the tripod and the tripod I had the still camera mounted on. Broke my lens. The only worthwhile shot I got was this panorama taken high in the San Gabriel mountains above Sylmar

11-5-2021 A couple of nice panoramas from the drone off our deck in Studio City. It has taken me awhile to figure out this camera and its settings but now that I have I am looking forwrd to taking some epic photos.


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Canyon Country, California

You understand how it got its name with this photo, Literslly hundreds of small canyons running through these hills. Photo taken high up in the San Gabriel mountains looking north and the San Fernando Valley behind me. Not a lot of people get to see this view.


Crystal Cove

Just north of Laguna Beach Californis you will run across Crystal Cove

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Sunken City - San Pedro Ca.

in 1929 an exclusive area of homes above San Pedro harbor began to slip into the ocean forcing the neighborhood to be abanodoned. The sliding didn't stop until 1945. The area was fenced off and this is what is left of it today.

Wind farm north of Palm Springs

I know it is trendy and politically correct to be green but lets be honest they are eye sores, take up incredible amounts of space and don't produce enough power to truly justify the area needed to generate the power of a commercial enterprise.

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