I want to start out saying this list is comprised of only places we have been here on the Roaddogs Travels. It is a list that will undoubtedly change many times over the years. I understand many will say "HEY MAN, you missed some!" Again this list is only comprised of places that the Lovely Miss Lynn and the Roaddog have visited together. To date we have visited many beautiful places and over the years have shown you some great stuff and over the next fews years we will show you even more. But until then here is our list.

#10 Escalante National Monument- Utah

Designated a National Monument in 1996 it was supposed to be a natural laboratory to study a true wilderness area it has been a political football since. 1,870,000 acres in size. It is a beautiful area and the best road through it is Utah state highway 12.

The sheer size of this monument make it an incredible place to explore a true wilderness area. Camping, hiking opportunities everywhere you look it has been a treasure trove for outdoor enthusiasts and scientist alike. It will take you many trips here to see it all.

Learn More at their official site.

#9 Grand Canyon - Arizona

You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the world who has not heard of the Grand Canyon. 277 miles long and up to 18 miles wide it will take a lifetime to explore it all. Visitor centers on both the north and south rims, the south rim is the only one open year round.

The Grand Canyon offers unlimited outdoor activities and photographers will never run out of things to shoot.

You can see our adventure last year in part 1 of the Everything Arizona trip at EVERYTHING ARIZONA here on Roaddogs.com

Or you can visit the official national park site

*8 Bryces Canyon - Utah

If you take Utah State highway 12 off of the 89 you will soon come to Bryces Canyon you will come to another great haven for photographers and outdoorsmen alike. the formations here at Bryce are known as Hoodoos and they are some of the best examples of them in the world. Once described by an early settler as " A hellava place to lose a cow." Bryce Canyon will provide you with many hiking and photo ops.

Learn more at the official park site

#7 Sequoia Redwoods - California

The California Redwoods are the largest living things on the planet. However not many people realize that there are 2 different and distinct types of Redwood. Those are the coastal redwoods and the giant Sequoia. The Sequoia's are located high up in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and has a dedicated National Park to protect them. Good thing to, millions of these spectacular trees were cut down in spite of their wood not being great for building or other commercial uses.

All Sequoia's are now protected and you can learn more here at the official site.

*6 Sedona - Arizona

Sedona is a photographers Nirvana. One of the most photographed places in the world, Sedona offers every kind of outdoor activity you can imagine. Hiking, camping, 4 wheeling and more, a visit to Sedona is something that will stay with you forever.

You can see our visit there at our EVERYTHING ARIZONA trip.

#5 HOH Rainforest - Washington

Located in Olympic National Park the HOH rainforest is one of the wettest places on earth. You will never believe how many shades of green exist until you visit here. You can see our visit here on day 3 of our Border to Border adventure.

the official site

#4 Coastal Redwoods - California

Located at a much lower elevations than their cousins the Giant Sequoia., we find the coastal Redwoods. Growing in the in the canyons and valleys of the coastal mountains of Northern California. The coastal redwoods wood is ideal for commercial use and are in fact the redwood you can buy at the local hardware store. Resistant to both weather and insects we are lucky we have any of these magnificent trees left, but thanks to conservation efforts we still have some old growth groves left. (better late than never) You will find these scattered throughout northwest California. and one of the best places to see them is the avenue of the giants. This 31 mile stretch of scenic road will give you the opportunity to see some really remarkable trees.

You can see our adventure thru here on our Border to Border trip DAY 10 or their official site here

*3 Zions Canyon - Utah

Located in southern Utah, Zions is one of the most incredible places on Earth. Take Utah state highway 9 off of US interstate 15 north of Saint George Utah. Highway 9 travels directly through Zions and to drive it all the way to highway 89 you will have to pay the National Park fee. Once in the park you have the option of driving through or turning off to go up to the lodge and a scenic drive through the bottom of the canyon. This road is restricted part of the year and you will need to take a park shuttle if you want to see it in the summer. You can find out more on their official site

Picture shown here is in a little known and rarely visited part of Zions known as Kolob Canyon accessible from highway 15 at the northwestern part of the park.

#2 Yosemite - California

First protected in 1864, Yosemite is one of the most famous places on the planet. Millions of visitors come here every year and if you are planning on a visit plan far, far in advance. There are waiting lists on every campground and hotel for many miles, but worth all of it.

We have been there many times and will be driving through it again this August when we sojourn to see the great American eclipse in Oregon.

Learn more at their official site.

*1 Cape Flattery - Washington

Located at the extreme northwest corner of the Continental United States, Cape Flattery is a true jewel and one of the most remarkable places on Earth. When we visited it on our Border to Border adventure in 2015, I was blown away.

Realize it is located on the Makah Tribal lands and you are subject to their laws!

You can see our visit on day 2 of our Border to Border adventure

So now you have seen our top 10 list current as of 7-11-17 but I expect it to change next month when we take our trip to the solar eclipse in Oregon on August 21, 2017. That road trip we will be exploring and criss crossing the coastal mountains of southern Oregon and Northern California. On that trip we will be visiting crater lake in Oregon and on the way home we will cut inland and cross the sierra's for another look at Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. It should be quite a trip.