Welcome to the first Roaddogs Histories! Mentryvill, Pico no.4 Oilwell and the Pioneer Oil Refinery. The place where the oil and gas industry really started in California. I have lived in the Los Angeles area for most of my life and had never even heard of Mentryville until recently and discovering it made me realize how many places that surround us that we never look at twice can highlight some very relivant moments in history. So today we will look at the place that first brought us the commercial oil and gas industry and opened the door to the modern world.

So today we welcome you to Mentryville.



Below explore more pictures and links for more info about Mentryville, Pico no.4 and the Pioner Oil Refinery.

"The Big House" The 13 room mansion built by Charles Mentry in 1889

The schoolhouse built 1880

A barn. One of several surviving buildings.

Aerial view looking down Pico canyon from the Pico no.4 oilwell

This building was not part of Mentryville and was actually built as a set for the 1990 movie Return to Green Acres.

All that is left of the Pico no.4 Oilwell is the capped well, some equipment and a couple of plaques for a memorial.

Hiking in Pico Canyon

There is much oilfield equipment strewn about.

Another look down Pico Canyon.

Drone shot. Roaddog at the Pico no.4 site.

All tht is left of the Pioneer Oil Refinery. Located several miles away from the Pico Oilfield it was built in 1877 and is the oldest surviving oil refineries in the world.

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