A 360 Mile adventure perfect for those couped up TOO long.

  Roaddogs Returne to Salvation Mountain in August for a test of my drone skills. Getting better but I still have a long way to go


Here is another offering for you on the one day trips from Los Angeles.

Salvation Mountain outside of the Salton Sea is the work of a man by the name of Leonard Knight as a tribute to god and his gift to the world.

It s currently closed while the pandemic rages but as you can see photo access is allowed.

The lost dream of what was called "The Salton Sea"

The Church at the Slabs

It is located right next to an area of squaters known as "The Slabs". Basically it is a city of homeless people who have created their community out of recycled trash. It is layed out just as any city is, With streets and lot divisions. While I will admit that there are some interesting things here, lets be realistic! It is just SAD that in the 21st century people are forced to live like this. Homelessness has become a big problem in America and to be frank I did not need to drive 180 miles to experience how these poor people live.

If you decide to visit BEWARE!!! You are out in the middle of nowhere and there is no police to help you. Crime does happen here and you have been warned!

If you are traveling highway 10 to get to todays adventure, you will pass thru a very large wind farm. One of the first ever. I have watched this wind farm grow over the years and now it is 1 hell of an eyesore. I know we all wish for wind and solar to be able to supply all of our energy needs but the fact of the matter is those technoligies have advanced little since the 1970's. Until it does we should proceed slowly.


And of course when you are out this way you gotta stop at the dino's for a picture. This is the same place Pee Wee got chased on his big adventure.