A 347 Mile adventure perfect for those couped up TOO long.


So are you going crazy being couped up TOO long? Not ready to open up and relax social distancing?

I can show you how Miss Lynn and I cope.

As you can tell by my site we like Road trips and this whole pandemic nonsense has put the brakes on any major trips for the forseeable future. So we have adapted and have been takng 1 day mini trips around Southern California and if you are willing to hit the road early you can travel some pretty good distances long before anyone else is even awake.

Todays offering is the "Lake Isabella Loop" a 347 mile drive that will take you through the farms, mountains, valleys and lakes of the lower Sierra Nevada Mountains. You actually travel through A small slice of Sequoia National forrest. It took us about 10 hours and we stopped many places just to check them out. If you leave early morning you will be home in time for dinner and binge wartching that netflix show your into.