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4-10-2015 Today is the day we have all been waiting for! As soon as I can pry Miss Lynn away from her computer we are off. After many years of talking about it, our Border to Border trip is about to become reality.

We have been keeping close track of the weather on our route and it appears we will be hitting a lot of stormy conditions. You might think that would make us rethink our trip but I look at it this way, "There are times to think and there are times to act, and kids this is no time to think." We are full speed ahead! While stormy weather might get in the way of the typical vacation, this is a Roaddog trip and the erratic weather can only bring us unique photo opportunities and test our steel. I might be disabled but I am still a world class adventurer.

This page is where we will give daily updates and a brief summary of the days activities. (As long as we can get an INTERNET connection.) We will also post some sort of picture or video when we can.

So here is our agenda. Miss Lynn is done with work around 3:30 today. We should be on the road by 4:00. Tonight is going to be spent racing up interstate 5 in California. We plan on getting as close to Redding as we can. That will leave us an easy drive tomorrow for a quick stop to see Garedoggie the only other surviving OG Roaddog besides myself. He is living in Klamath River with his wife and son, so we are going for an overnight visit. Then on Sunday we will finish the drive to the Canadian border for our official start Monday morning the 13th. From there we will take our time wandering down the west coast photographing and exploring as much as we can in the time we have. If we find ourselves crunched on time we will use it to get as far south as we can and will just have to fill in the rest as we can. Since Lynn has a few days after we get back maybe we will do a few days to finish up clear to the Mexican border. However much we can see and do we will and we will bring it to you here at the new Roaddogs Travels.

We are looking forward to bringing you this adventure and hope you will follow it here while we are on it and come back May 15th for the official relaunch as we bring you the world in a whole new way.


Shasta area bridge

Always the scenic route. (click to enlarge)

4-11-15 We stayed just outside of Redding California last night. That put us a quick drive from Jonni and Gary's and we arrived around noon. On the drive we passed Shasta lake and saw first hand how the California drought has taken its toll on it and on many other of California's watershed and recreation areas. If it were only the drought to blame, what could we do but cross our fingers and pray for rain. But the lack of rain fall is not the only reason our lakes, rivers and aqueducts are tragically low. All up the state as we drove the signs that the farmers are in need of water make it perfectly clear that they put the blame squarely on the government and their priorities over everything but its citizens. Sad and shameful situation out here in the once golden state.

Enough of that for now.

It was good to see Jonni and Gary. It had been too many years and they are familia. Gary has caught the gold bug and spends his days working a claim in the Klamath River area. I was able to get some drone time in above his claim and got some real good video we will share on the site when we get back.

Tomorrow we are blasting off early and racing up the starting point of our great adventure at the Canadian Border at Blaine.

Roaddogs and Bigfoot


Peace Arch

4-12-15 We made it in pretty good time. Blaine Washington is right on the Canadian border. We got a chance to walk around a little. Here is a picture of the Peace Arch. This monument is commemorating the long standing open door policy between the United States and our Canadian cousins to the north. The border runs right through the middle of it and it is very interesting to see. We will be starting our adventure from Peace Arch Park around sunrise tomorrow morning with a little video and a quick drone flight. I have to take a moment and commend the Border patrol here at our northern border. While scouting the park for our shoot in the morning I got a chance to talk to one of the agents and asked him if we could fly the drone and he took the time to get it cleared by his supervisor with the promise that I would not try and get any pictures of the border crossing facilities itself. I think clear guidelines and a no muss no fuss attitude is what more of our government agencies should be about.

God bless America!


4-13-15 After a successful kickoff at the border we hit the road heading south to the only place we needed to be at a particular time and place. The ferry to Port Townsend. We headed off of highway 5 south of Bellview Washington and headed west on state highway 20. This route is island hopping and we got a little alarmed when every sign along the route mentioned that reservations for the ferry are strongly recommended. This road also turned out to be much slower than I had anticipated. To make a long story short after stopping along the way for some pictures we just made the ferry and thank god we were able to get aboard without a reservation. I was planning to get some great shots from the bow of the ferry on the way over but the skies and seas had other ideas. By the time we hit Port Townsend it was raining pretty good, but that did not hinder us at all and we headed west. By the time we hit Port Angeles it was obvious that we were not going to get the pictures or drone flights I wanted to get along the strait of Juan De Fuca, so I called an audible from the line of scrimmage and decided we would not head out out 112 towards Cape Flattery and instead stay on the 101. I knew of a great spot called the Crescent Lake Resort and figured we could hole up there for the night. Kids make a note of this. The Crescent Lake Resort is seasonal and does not open until May 1st. So off we headed towards the next resort that was supposed to be at a hot springs. However as we started to head up the mountain towards it, it began to snow. No chains, 12 miles in on a maybe that it would be open did not appeal to Miss Lynn so back to the 101 and over to Forks Washington where we will hole up for the night. With the first day in the books I am going to call it half a success. While we are not spending the night close Cape Flattery we are within striking distance and as long as the weather cooperates in the morning we will still get our hike, drone flight and pictures we wanted at the furthest northwest point of the continental United States.

Side note: Forks Washington was once a thriving Lumber town but after the collapse of that industry the town might have gone under had not been for a little movie called Twilight that brought some fame and tourist dollars back to the community.

WOOO HOOO I thought they were Crappy movies but Miss Lynn liked them, and if they help this beautiful little town survive I say BUENA FORTUNA!

Washington Road

A long lonesome road near Crescent Lake, Washington (click to enlarge)



Cape Flattery

Cape Flattery (click to enlarge)

4-14-15 After a good night sleep we got up with the weather still a little uncertain. Undeterred we got up and headed towards Cape Flattery. Along the way we were able to stop along the Strait of Juan De Fuca several places for pictures. We were lucky enough to get a break in the weather and it could not have been more beautiful, it held all the way to Cape Flattery. While we were out there the weather and lighting suddenly changed and we knew it was about to get nasty. On the hike back it started to rain and that changed to hail. I am so glad I invested in a couple of waterproof panchos. They really saved our equipment from getting wet. No place to launch the drone so we were unable to get any drone footage but the photos we did get made the entire trip worth it.

In our lead up to our trip I went to great lengths to make sure I was capable of walking like I needed. After our hike out to Cape Flattery I was wishing that I had concentrated on hiking a little more. While I was very pleased with my performance up the hill, it made me realize I am still very much disabled.

With the pictures that I wanted in the bag we headed off back towards Forks. Since it was still relatively early in the day we decided to take a little detour off the main road and drive out to La Push, a beach that had also been made famous by that crappy movie twilight. When we arrived we were very pleased and excited with how pretty it was. We also discovered the Quilete oceanside resort. What a terrific place. We were able to get a cabin right on the beach with a fireplace, Jacuzzi and kitchenette. It was quite a surprise so we decided to stay the night.

La Push Beach

La Push Beach (click to enlarge)


Hoh Rainforest

Hoh Rainforest (click to enlarge)

4-15-15 After a great night at La Push beach we headed out early with the Hoh Rainforest as our primary goal for the day. This is one of the wettest places on earth and it is the main reason I bought the panchos. In all the research I did for the trip everything said it had very few dry days in the year. We however were lucky enough to arrive on one of those days. It was beautiful and it could not of been better for our visit. While we were hiking the hall of moss trail we came across a herd of Roosevelt elk in the forest. It was one of the coolest encounters with wildlife I have ever experienced.

We were able to hike and get all the photos we wanted and it was still early in the day, so we decided to also see Ruby beach. This was one of the spots I really wanted to fly the drone over. Unfortunately I could not get the compass to calibrate properly so I did not fly. It appears as though the weather has broke and the drive was beautiful for the rest of the day. We got so lost in the beauty of the forest and the road we ended up driving far more than we had planned and ended up in Long Beach close to the Oregon Border for the night.

Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach (click to enlarge)


4-16-15 The hotel we stayed in last night and the dinner we had was the worst so far on the trip. I woke up this morning and could hardly walk. All this hiking and activity is taking its toll on the old Roaddog. Lynn gets a little concerned when I get like this but DAMN the Torpedoes full speed ahead.

We decided that we needed an easy day so after we went out to Cape Disappointment decided we would travel into Oregon and find a place for the night early. We went up to the Lewis and Clark center close to the Cape Disappointment lighthouse which sits on top of the hill in the southernmost corner of Washington, overlooking where the Columbia river empties into the Pacific Ocean. It is quite a view. Although you access the hiking trail for the lighthouse from the state park it actually sits on property that is controlled by the Coast Guard. So since the Border Patrol had been so wonderful when I asked permission to fly at the border I decided to ask the Coast Guard as well. I could not believe it when they said yes. Our countries civil service folks are a wonderful reasonable lot and everyone of them deserve our thanks and respect.

Having said that, I did the flight but something weird happened with the drone that at the time I associated with the electronic equipment at the lighthouse but later realized it was all my fault. I got the drone down safe and sound but it did give me a few minutes of apprehension. HEY I AM STILL LEARNING! The image I am offering today is from that flight and if you click on it you can see that flight as well. I will provide a complete account of it next month on the relaunched site. After exploring the park a little we headed into Oregon and are crashing for the night in Seaside.

Cape Disappointment

Aerial view above the Cape Disappointment lighthouse, Washington

(click to see drone flight)


Ecola State Beach

Ecola State Beach (click to enlarge)

4-17-15 Another beautiful day for traveling and photographing the sights. We stopped off at Ecola Beach just south of Seaside where we had stayed the night. One thing I have noticed is the changes in the type of forest we are now encountering. Different types of trees and forest climate. Much drier than the rainforest we left back in Washington. There is also many more houses built up around the beaches. In doing research for this trip I had seen pictures of Canon Beach but had no idea that there were houses anywhere near it.

We decided to call it quits from the road early today and wandered into Pacific City to a place called the Pacific City Inn. As we told the owner about our trip and what we are doing, he became excited and explained that his son had just purchased a drone himself. He had not yet received it and asked if we might be able to give him a little show of what my drone could do. I of course was happy to do it.

4-18-15 After a wonderful evening at the Pacific City Inn and perhaps a little too much fun, both myself and Miss Lynn arose a little slow. We have kept a fairly busy schedule over the first half of our trip so we have decided to only travel a few miles down the road and use the day for rest. We hobbled down the road and stayed at the Comfort Inn, in Newport Oregon. After a good nights sleep we will back on the road in the morning.

Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast (click to enlarge)


Seal Rock Beach

Seal Rock Beach (click to enlarge)

4-19-15 After A great nights sleep we hit the road with renewed excitement for our trip. We photographed many beautiful places down the coast and even got to visit Seal Cave, one of the largest sea caves in the world. Very cool and full of seals. I got an opportunity to fly the drone and got some of the best video yet. A visit to the Oregon dunes and more. A very busy and successful day. We have ducked into the Quality in for the night in Coos Bay Oregon and might make it to the California border tomorrow.
4-20-15 We woke up this morning with a storm moving in. That meant lots of fog with tricky lighting situations. We did manage to get some good shots and a couple of drone flights in. The second flight was a little shaky as there appears to be a problem with the gimble. I think it might of got a little sand in it. I tried to clean it out the best I can I guess we will find out tomorrow. With all the fog and a possible storm coming in we are hunkering down in Crescent City for the night. Now that we are back in California we are about to see some really big trees. This is one of my favorite places in the world and we will take our time the next couple of days

Cape Blanco Lighthouse

Cape Blanco Lighthouse (click to enlarge)


Prairie Creek Redwoods

The Coastal Redwoods (click to enlarge)

4-21-15 After a night that had me concerned about the status of the drones gimbal, we hit the road early and I had to head directly to a place for a drone flight to make sure I got the gimbal free of sand. The flight came off beautifully and it looks like we have avoided a major problem. When we hit the redwoods today and discovered some great places and took a road less traveled. It took us out to a place called fern canyon. It was beautiful and I am looking forward to showing you more. After one of the busiest days of the trip we are holing up in Eureka, California for the night.
4-22-15 After a good nights sleep we were up and at'em early. Today we spent driving and shooting up and down the Avenue of the Giants. The place that I think is the most beautiful place on the planet. It is a 30 mile stretch of some of the biggest trees in the world. Until you stand next to one of these magnificent trees you really can't understand how big they are. Here Miss Lynn is standing near a toppled giant. Because of the availability of water in this part of the world many trees do not have to put down tap roots and that makes them vulnerable to wind blowing them over.

Avenue of the Giants

Avenue of the Giants (click to enlarge)


San Francisco Roaddgos

Overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge above San Francisco (click to enlarge)

4-23-15 We stayed in Willits, California last night and hit the highway this morning headed to San Francisco. Lynn and I love Frisco and have decided to stay tonight and have some fun, maybe raise a little hell. (My legs are giving me hell already.) We will see. After nearly 2 weeks on the road keeping a pretty fast clip with all the places we have seen, are a little fatigued, but still game for anything. Along the way today a vineyard owner gave us permission to fly over his vineyard with the drone. I got some great shots.
4-24-15 We left San Francisco this morning and decided to head backover to the coast and complete this part of the trip by traveling down the Pacific Coast Highway 1. This part of the coast is rugged and windy. We did not get a drone flight in today because the wind was a little too much, we did however get some fabulous pictures. Tomorrow we will finish the drive back to L.A. and get a couple of days rest before finishing up our border to border trip next week. After 2 weeks on the road it will be nice to spend a couple of days at home.

Central California Coast 1

Coast south of Frisco (click to enlarge)


Central California Coast 2

Central California coastline south of Ragged Point. (click to enlarge)

4-25-15 After 2 weeks of staying ahead and dodging storms it finally caught up with us and after a wonderful night at the Ragged Point Resort we got up and greeted by the storm knew it was time to head home for a couple of days rest. Come Tuesday we will be heading toward Mexico for the final leg of our trip. It has been a wonderful roadtrip and we were blessed by the heavens with the weather we actually had. Considering the first day it looked like we were going straight into the tempest, all I can say is thank you lord!

We have had an great 2 weeks. We saw and photographed many beautiful and interesting things. We met interesting people and I got to fly my drone. The pictures I got from that was worth the trip for me.

I hope you come back Tuesday for the rest of the trip and then come back May 15th for our official relaunch and see all our pictures, further explaination of what we did, directions to the hikes we took and all the stuff we saw in this little slice of our big beautiful world.