We start the day in Willits California and today we say good bye to the great forests of the pacific northwest. The highway 101 heads slightly inland and across the northern part of the great oak and grasslands of central California. The rolling hills and temperate climate is the perfect place for this beautiful environment to thrive. However even here in the heart of everything liberal and supposedly green we find the same factors of greed, hypocrisy and blind expansion hard at work. The reason I bring that up is because this once endless landscape of Massive oaks and beautiful grasslands is slowly but surely being replaced by winery's and vineyards. It was bound to happen with the sudden popularity of California wines but it is changing the look as well as the feel of a large swath of California.  

I am all for responsible development, progress and capitalism but given the mistakes of the past and the current environmental concerns that are faced by many places worldwide I question how much and many of these beautiful acres of nature need be given up in the quest for something tasty to drink with your fish.

I thought it might be fun to fly the drone over one of these vineyards and would yield some good photos. We pulled over at the Milovina Vineyards and met David and John who said they were 2 of the owners and they allowed us to fly over their vineyards. We got some great video and photos and then headed off towards todays objective San Francisco. Where planned on some good food and fun nightlife.

Rollin hills and oaks

Rolling Hills

Hillside oaks

Hillside Oaks

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge from the North

Golden Gate us

Us at the Golden Gate

San Francisco

San Francisco street

San Francisco fort

San Francisco Fort

Wharf Lynn

Lynn at Fisherman's Wharf Park


Friendly Bird

Hippie Van

Tour bus

Enjoying some ice cream


Alcatraz Island

Frisco Boats

San Francisco Dock

San Francisco Sunset

San Francisco Sunset

San Francisco US

Roaddogs at Sunset

SF Nightlife

San Francisco Nightlife

Garden of Eden
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