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After some badly needed recuperation time we were back on the road early. Refreshed and relaxed we were looking forward to the day. We had spent the night in Newport and wanted to check out the dock areas before we left. They have what looks like a nice shopping and dining area and of course it has its seals.

The seal lions have become quite a nuisance in many Oregon towns. Between their noise and their mess many places are seeking extreme ways to get the sea lions to leave on their own. I even caught a news story the other day about one town building a boat that looked like a killer whale to scare them away.

Seal Rock Beach

Our first stop out side of Newport was Seal Rock Beach and it did not disappoint. Nice parking easy access and miles of beach to explore. We got a great drone flight in and some great photos.

The next stop was one of my favorite places to stop as a boy. The Sea Lion Cave. Home to hundreds of Sea Lions it is one of the largest sea caves in the world. After you purchase your tickets in the gift shop you will walk down a trail to an elevator that will take you down the ten floors to the sea cave below. It is one of those things you will always remember and if you are traveling with kids it will be the highlight of their trip.

Newport Oregon sunrise
Sunrise over Newport Oregon
Downtown Newport
Newport Docks Shopping District.
Newport Sea lions
Newport Seal Lions
Yaquina Bridge
Yaquina Bay Bridge
Seal Rock Beach 2
Seal Rock Beach

Oregon Coast
Above Sea Lion Cave

Sea Lion Cave
Inside the Sea Lion Cave
sea cave
Another view from inside the cave.
seal cave platform
The inside of the cave viewing platform.
Seal Cave Roaddog
The Roaddog looking for the shot.

Seal Cave Lynn
Miss Lynn outside of the gift shop.

South of Sea Lion Cave is the Oregon Dunes State Park. It runs for about 30 miles along the Central Oregon Coast. A recreational paradise that offers space for both off roaders and naturalists. It is well the time to explore.
Oregon Dunes Panorama
Oregon Coast 2 Oregon Coast 4 Dune cabin Oregon Dunes River
Dunes Roaddog      
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