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  When you get to Oregon you will notice that the forest here has changed from the extremely wet rainforest to something much drier and you will also notice a change in the trees and landscape itself. Another thing you will notice is that the coast of Oregon is much more populated than in Washington. Several places that I had researched before the trip and seen photos of, I never realized that there were houses built right up to the beach.
Miss Lynn and I left Seaside and headed south. We got on the road later than we normally do. I felt we did not need to rush and the pace we had been keeping the last few days was about to slow down. The first place we stopped this morning was Ecola State Beach. The road in was several miles long and the forest was wonderful. There is an amazing peaceful atmosphere when driving through a forest. And when we arrived the beach was just as beautiful as the forest we just drove through.

The Park here at Ecola had a large grassy area that I felt would be perfect for a drone flight.

The wind was blowing fairly good and I did not have much experience in the wind but decided to try it anyway. All I can say is I am not afraid of flying in the wind anymore. The drone handled it great and the gimbal was as smooth as silk.

Still working on my flying skills and photography style but that will come. Here is the drone flight in its entirety.


We decided that we were going to get a place early and have an afternoon of relaxation, a good dinner and a glass of scotch. We pulled into Pacific city for lunch and someone recommended the Pacific City Inn. They said it had a good restaurant and bar right there. And it was reasonably priced. We were sold and after eating we headed over.

The Pacific City Inn is run by Geoff and Pat Williams. And all I can say is they are the perfect hosts. Their hotel is clean and quiet and everything I needed it to be. As we were checking in I got to talking to Mr. Williams and told him about what we were doing on our trip and that we had a drone. This got him fairly excited and he explained that his son had just ordered the new DJI Inspire. A new model of drone that is designed specifically for aerial photography. They intend on making all types of video and I wish them all the luck in the world. They told me that they would not be getting it for a week or so and they had some questions their son would like to ask me. They also wondered if I could show them a quick flight with my drone. The wind was blowing pretty hard here and I said I would do a flight if it calmed down some.

So here we were Northern Oregon at a comfortable hotel with friendly people, a great restaurant and a bar. Couldn't get any better than that. We went over to their restaurant and had a great dinner and a few glasses of scotch. The wind was really blowing hard I did not picture how I would be flying the drone in it. I met Matt the son of Pat and Geoff and he said not to worry the wind would die down just before sunset.


Sure enough As sunset was approaching the wind dropped a little. If I had not taken the chance on the flight earlier in the day with the wind blowing at Ecola I would have not been comfortable flying it now. But the way it handled the wind earlier I was ready to tackle it now. Our only worry at this point was the scotch I had consumed.

Click the play button and see the flight we took here at the Pacific City Inn.

Notice that there is a private airstrip that we were flying over. Look at the wind sock and you can see that there is still a fair amount of wind. This video was shot as I was explaining and demonstrating the drones ease of use and flying.

We had a great time demonstrating the drone for the Williams family and I wish them all the success in the world with the drone they are about to get.

After the flight we spent the evening drinking and talking with the folks at the Inn and they were all wonderful. Like Miss Carissa who is from Montana and is on an adventure of lifetime . I got a chance to spend some time talking with her and she is not only Bright and fun, she has an adventurous side that epitomizes the RoadDog spirit. We wish her and all the wonderful people at the Pacific City Inn the best in all that they do. We had a wonderful time here and will always treasure the memory.

If you Decide to stay there make sure you tell them all HI for us.

Here is the rest of the days Photos. Click on any image to enlarge it.

Ecola Drive 1

The Oregon forest's are much drier than Washingtons

Ecola Drive 2

The road into Ecola State Beach

Ecola Lynn

Miss Lynn at one of the overlooks.

Oregon Coast 1

The view looking south

Oregon Coast 2

There is a lot of mist generated when you have winds blowing and waves pounding.

Coast Cave

A sea cave along the coast.

Coastal Us

The weather has been wonderful other than that first day.

Pacific City Beach

Pacific City Beach


The Doreymans association memorial

pacific city drone flight 1

A shot from the air over Pacific City.

pacific city drone flight 2

A shot from the air over Pacific City.

pacific city drone flight 3

Sunset over Pacific City.




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