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After making our way back to the car through the rain, the mud and the hail. We got dried off and headed back towards forks. It was still early and even though the hike had spiked my pain levels I didn't care. I was glad to be out in the forest and on an adventure. The pictures we got were great and I was in the mood to explore something else. So we decided to turn off the road before forks and travel out to La Push just on a whim.

What we found was a beautiful little town with a great beach and a beachside resort called The Quilete Oceanside Resort. They offered camping on the beach as well as small rental cabins that are absolutely beautiful. Just like a mini apartment complete with jacuzzi tub and a view that is unbelievable. We decided to stay and had a wonderful night.


nw Washington map

la push1

La Push Beach.

la push 2

A closer look.

La Push Lynn

Miss Lynn with some interesting beach rocks.

South La Push

A look the opposite way.

La Push Driftwood

I have commented before on the amount of driftwood on the Washington Beaches.

La Push Hugh

The driftwood at La Push beach is enormous.


Complete Trees are here and they really add something to the beach.

Driftwood Lynn

When I said enormous did you think I was kidding?



  I also got a chance to fly the drone here at La Push. I am still learning to fly this thing but getting some great aerials in spite of my still novice flying skills.


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