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When We arrived at the Cape Flattery Trailhead we were pleased to get a break in the weather. It was really important to me that we take this hike. Although I had been pushing myself for months to get the legs back under me, in all frankness it was walking on flat ground. This was to be the first hike I took in years and I was prepared to do it come hell or high water. I had purchased rain gear, just in case and while it did not appear we would need it, I took it along just in case. The hike was not the only thing important to me. In my research for this trip I had seen some pictures of this area and it was supposed to be one of the highlights of the trip.

The hike in was beautiful. And the trail did not disappoint. While it would not be an overly strenuous hike for someone in halfway decent shape, it proved to be a challenge for me. Mostly downhill from the parking lot there are parts that are fairly steep. The trail was wet and parts slippery but overall it is a great and well maintained trail with wooden walks, steps and handrails over the trickiest parts.

flattery map

Flattery Trailhead

The trailhead to Cape Flattery

Flattery trail

A well maintained trail.

flattery forest

The forest along the trail is wild and untouched.

flattery bridge

Wooden Trail and handrails along the trail.

Sea Caves

The Sea caves at Cape Flattery.


Everywhere you look is unspoiled beauty.

Cape Flattery view

This is the shot that makes the entire trip worthwhile.

Flattery Lookout

The Roaddog at the first overlook.

So we climbed down the 3/4 mile trail to the first lookout point and that view made the previous days misadventure worth it just to see this view. There was no place to launch the drone so aerials were out, but we were able to shoot some great pictures and video before the light suddenly changed. I knew the weather would be changing right behind it. So we packed up the cameras put on the rain gear and started up the hill. I was really glad we had purchased these oversized panchos because it rained pretty good and it even hailed on us.

Rainy Trail

By the time I got back to the car my legs were sore, swollen and I could tell I had been on a hike. My pain level was up substantially but I would do it again in a heart beat.

A minute of ZEN. 

Check out our minute of Zen feature. Here is one full minute of standing with me on that lookout point. We were lucky enough to get that break in the clouds and rain.

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