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We stayed the night of the 12th at the Northwoods Motel. The room we got was huge and had all the amenities of an apartment. It is definetly a no frills motel but the room was quiet and clean and the price was very resonable. I would stay there again if I am ever back up this way.

We also had a chance to explore the Peace Arch Park and the border area. The most surprising thing is the fact that there is no wall or fence whatsoever between the United States and Canada. Unlike our neighbors to the south, the only thing keeping out the Canadians is a ditch and curb.

We had also planned on having our kickoff video at this park. I asked one of the border patrol agents what their drone policy was there in the park. He did not know right off hand but by the time Miss Lynn and myself came back through, this young man had his supervisor on the phone getting us permission to fly at the park. The only condition was that I did not fly and photograph their facility there at the border. And while I choose to fly the next morning at the Blaine Marine Park, I really appreciate the no hassle way the border patrol approached my request.


The Peace Arch straddles the border between the United States and Canada. It was built in 1914 to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the signing of the treaty of Ghent which formally ended the war of 1812. It also shows the open door policy of our 2 countries. It was dedicated September 6, 1921 and this international park receives over 500,000 visitors each year. As you can see it says Children of a Common Mother on the American side and Brethern Dwelling together in unity on the Canadian side. In 1931 the park was able to expand to 40 acres because of children in both Washington and British Columbia raised funds by donating their pennies, nickels and dimes.

The Peace Arch is one of the few monuments in the world listed on the national historic registries in 2 different countries.

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peace arch 1

The Peace Arch Monument

peace arch 2

A park plaque

peace arch 3

This open gate signifies the open door policy between our countries

Border Lynn

Miss Lynn at the welcome sign.

peace arch4

A park plaque


Thats right, that is Canada on the other side of that ditch. Unlike our southern border, the only thing keeping the Canadians out is that ditch and that curb.

us canada border

The American and Canadian Border


We filmed our kickoff video from the Blaine Marine Park and had a chance to fly the drone.

Border garden

One of the gardens at the Peace Arch

border flight

Flying at the Blaine Marine Park.

See the whole Drone flight here.

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