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Once we got to Port Angeles and had lunch, we knew that the weather had us beat and camping out was not going to happen. So we shifted direction and decided that instead of hugging the coastline and going out along the Strait of Juan De Fuca we would instead find us a resort along the 101. We soon learned that in this part of the world many of the accomodations are seasonal. And that you need to make all of the phone calls you need before entering wilderness areas where cell reception can be ellusive.

By this time of the day we were focused more on finding a place out of the rain than taking too many pictures. We did however manage to get a few.

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Crescent lake road Crescent lake 1 Crescent lake shoreline
Washington road

Crescent lake is a beautiful spot and the Lodge there appears to be an incredible place. I wish we had the chance to stay here.

Instead off we went to the next place called the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort. We decided to call ahead but of course no cell connection. It was about this time it began to snow and we lost our enthusiasm for driving into the mountains on a maybe. So instead we stuck to the 101 and found us a place in Forks, Washington.

Crescent lake tree
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