Miss Lynn and I spent the Great American eclipse at Oregon Gardens in Silverton Oregon.
It was a loveley drive up here and this is the main event of our "Adventure to the Eclipse." I have to say overall Oregon Gardens planned it out well. As far as I saw, the whole event here went off OK except their handling of the disabled. That part I will have to grade them with a C-.
They had an access point to a nice grassy area that was right next to the disabled parking and it was there we were originally directed to. However before anyone could get in, they suddenly started to direct the people to an entrance that was quite a distance from the disabled parking. Many turned away and went to this distant entrance, I however stuck around with a handful of us disabled who complained so they let us in. It turned out ok for me, but I am sure the whole setup was very inconvienant for many. They also did not let the disabled exit from the gate that was closest to the disabled parking so all the disabled had to take the long way around. I can promise you the path from the exit to the disabled parking was not A.D.A. compliant.

Overall it was a great experience and we had a great time, so with the exception of the disabled thing it was well worth our time and effort getting here.

As the eclipse progresses the shadows become weird as all the sunshine take on a crescent shape.

I did not have any sort of filter for the camera so it appears a little hotter in the picture.

The Lovely Miss Lynn waiting for the Eclipse.