For many years the Department of Water and power sponsored The Festival of lights at Griffith Park. It was a free drive through that was had colored lighting displays and was open for most of the month of December. Thousands of people would come out to see it. It was campy and a little cheesy but it was a tradition and great for the kids. A few years back they stopped doing it and it was sorely missed.

Then a couple of years ago the city figured out a way to charge for it and they started up the Zoo Lights at the Zoo. It cost us $17.00 a ticket. I thought that a little high for something that used to be free. However Miss Lynn wanted to go so that says it all.

I was expecting the same old cheesy sets but I was mistaken. Technology has cuaght up with the Festival of Lights. Nothing like it was in the past and walking along the beautifully lit paths the zoo comes alive. Well it comes alive in the sense darkness has been overcome but all the animals are put to bed so don't expect to see them. The reptile house is an exception.


Overall it is a wonderful time at the zoo for this festival of lights. Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes because you are going to walk a lot! It gets crowded at times so remember to be patient wih others.

We went to the old Festival of lights every year. It ws a nice tradition in our household and it was missed the few years it was gone. But it is back now and although it is no longer free, once you see the new displays and you stroll through the Zoo at night, it will become a family tradition for you.