We took our Key West trip in February 2018. We caught the red eye out of Los Angeles into Miami and then drove out Highway 1 clear to the end. (Or is it the Beginning?)
It was about 5 months after Hurricane Irma and they were still in recovery so we did not stop much on the way in. I had always want to drive that highway over all the bridges and through the different Keys and it did not disappoint. Other than I thought it would be longer.
Our plans were to get to the hotel, hopefully get an early checkin and then a little nap before going out onto Duval street for an evening of Drunkenness and Debauchery.

When we arrived in key west it was warm and wet. We were pretty early to check in so we drove around a little bit and get the lay of the land we then decided to try and get an early checkin at the hotel. We were staying at the Margeritaville resort and arrived a couple hours early for normal checkin and asked if we could checkin early. They told us yes and then but not before 2 which gave us a little time to cross the street and see the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum. It was an interesting place and well worth the visit. Sorry I only have this one picture, after flying all night and driving all morning I was in desperate need of a nap. We went back to the hotel at 2 like they told us but it still took 2 more hours to get us checked in. Needles to say my first impression of Margaritaville was not a positive one.

I found this trees limbs interesting.

HEY! We got one of these in San Diego as well.

Early morning on Duval st. looking south.


We got ourselves a quick nap, freshened up and then it was out into the crowds of Duval st for dinner. One thing about Duval street is that there are no shortages of food and drink options. We decided on Fogarty's which serves American food. It was a great meal with excellent service. But again you have no shortage of choice.

We sat around for awhile just people watching.

Now we are from Los Angeles where believe me people watching can be as bizarre and interesting as anywhere but Duval street is in a league of its own.

After dinner I was in the mood for shooting some pool. I don't know it has ever come up, but I love shooting pool and it had been awhile since I last played. We asked around and discovered that the Whistle bar had tables and it was right across the street from where we were having dinner.

Whistle Bar is on the corner of Caroline and Duval streets on the second floor of the building. One of the unique things about it is only 1 of 3 bars in the building. The first floor is occupied by a bar called The Bull and the third floor is a place called the Garden of Eden. While The Bull and Whistle bar are fairly run of the mill places, Garden of Eden is more of a place you would expect from Key West and its legendary Bohemian lifestyle. If you are offended by nudity, well first off don't come to Key West, but if you do, don't go to Garden of Eden. Here you will find a unique slice of the local crowd and all of the lookie Lou's that are just curious.

We met a wonderful couple from North Carolina, Kevin and Ruby. We shot pool and drank with them for awhile. When we got tired of pool we decided to check out the Garden of Eden upstairs.

Needless to say Miss Lynn and I had far too much fun for a couple of old timers like us and we stumbled our way back to our Hotel late in the evening.