Roaddogs Travels - ABOUT US



Lynn and I have been bringing you our travels and adventures for many years now. We have played with many different formats and shown you some pretty cool stuff. When we were involved in a car accident in 2006 and then a workplace accident in 2008 it severely complicated lifelong orthopedic problems for Hugh and his disabilities became a concern that it would be the end of our site. The good news is that we are back and while semi-disabled I am ready to grab my camera, my cane and the lovely Miss Lynn and hit the road once again.

Here at Roaddogs we are not going to help you find cheaper airfare or even a room. There are countless sites for that. We are going to show you first hand the places we go to and things that we see along the road as we travel. Based on the travels and adventures of Hugh and Lynn.

Over the past fews years during my rehabilitation I have been busy improving my photography, video making and graphics skills. Some of my photos have made their way into the stock photo world and my nature videos on youtube have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. I also became a founding member of Digital Juice, the makers of the finest motion graphics assets on the planet. That means our site will also be visually spectacular and our videos will have beautiful music to accompany the worlds greatest sights.

I hope you enjoy our site. If the delivery is a little dry, sorry, just trying to show the beauty of things around us. I do not deceive myself into beleiving I am some great writer. Just a guy wandering around enjoying the world god has given us and sharing the shit I see. I am always trying to improve the delivery and those of you who have been long time vistors know what I am talking about. And for those of you just joining check out the archives and see for yourself. We will continue to add things litle by little and improve as we go along. Hopefully in a few years when the lovely Miss Lynn and I decided we have had enough of the real world, We will have built something here worthy of promoting and can go to it as a full time retirement adventure. Won't that be fun? (at least for us it will be)