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12-11-18 WOW is it December already? I know I know last post was February and I said the eclipse adventure would be online any day. Well you know the old saying,

"When you are up to your ass in Alligators it is difficult to remember that your prime objective was to drain the swamp."

It has been an incredibly busy year but this time I am serious. So look for the rest of the adventure within the last week. I have taken the rest of the year off and we are doing Christmas in Jamaica this year so a whole new adventure is already coming up and We still need to bring you our Key West trip that we took last March. I am further behind than I want but promise to catch up soon.

2-1-18 Finally I will getting a break in my schedule and can turn to getting the Eclipse adventure online. I have been working nonstop at the real job and it has been tough getting to it. And it is not a moment too soon because I am also announcing our next big adventure.
The Florida keys is about to have the Roaddogs for a little visit. Should be fun. So come back next week for our eclipse adventure and then stay tuned for all of the Florida fun.

10-19-17 I know I know, I am way behind getting the eclipse adventure online but I promise it is coming. When we got back in town the main part of the business got real busy and I have been going non-stop since. Got to take care of that side of the house because it is the part that pays the bills.

8-29-17 We just returned from our adventure to see the eclipse. It was amazing and we will have the whole adventure online as soon as possible but in the meantime I have put a 360 video of the eclipse on you tube but you can see it here first.
360 degree eclipse video

7-29-17 A little look at our new 360 degree camera. We will now be publishing 360 video and photos that will allow you the viewer to pan all the way around a scene. It should provide a whole new view of everything and our minute of Zen feature should be interesting as well. Here is a little glimpse.
360 degree view click here

7-12-17 Roaddogs Travels top 10 most scenic places list is now online. We have noticed how popular top 10 lists are online so we have compiled our own. This list is the top ten for places The Lovely Miss Lynn and Roaddog have visited together. It is a list that will constantly change as we travel the world.

6-29-17 To get everyone in the mood for our upcoming Oregon trip I thought I would bring out our 2 minute teaser video for the border to border trip we took a couple of years ago. I guess Tempest really do Fugit!




6-23-17 I know I announced back in May we were going to rent a motor home for out next adventure but that will have to wait until later in the year. Instead we have decided to do a good old fashioned Road Trip to Oregon to catch the total eclipse of the sun on August 21st. It is the first time in 99 years we have one here in the U.S. So we figured better not miss it. And since we will be out and about we thought we would spend the rest of the week exploring the coastal mountains of southern Oregon and Northern California. Should be quite a trip and we will bring it all to you here on Roaddogs Travels.

- - - - - - - - -

5-10-17 We are busy planning our next adventure and have decided that for it we are going to rent a motor home and see how we like it. After all our ultimate plan for this site is to retire and bring our travels to you full time. Life on the road as we venture out and live like the Gypsy wanderers Miss Lynn and are meant to be.
We have been having some problems with the drone and will be replacing it soon, but honestly it is becoming harder and harder to fly drones. Between the government regulations and the unfair portrayal in the media drone footage will be limited.
We are going to be adding something new though. We are about to purchase a 360 degree camera which will allow you the viewer to spin around and see everything we see and not just the way the camera is pointing. It is a whole new world and we will be right there to bring you the world in a whole new way. Check back often.

- - - - - - - - -

5-6-17 At long last Part 3 of our everything Arizona trip is finally online!!!

- - - - - - - - -

1-21-17 Parts 1 & 2 of the Everything Arizona trip is online now.

Part 3 coming soon

- - - - - - - - -

11-24-16 I have just uploaded 2 videos to the Sunrises/ Sunsets feature and it gives the first glimpse of our everything Arizona trip, which we completed last week. Come back in early December for the complete adventure.

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Everything Arizona


Lynn and I have been bringing you our travels and adventures for many years now. We have played with many different formats and shown you some pretty cool stuff. When we were involved in a car accident in 2006 and then a workplace accident in 2008 it severely complicated lifelong orthopedic problems for Hugh and his disabilities became a concern that it would be the end of our site. The good news is that we are back and while disabled I am ready to grab my camera, my cane and the lovely Miss Lynn and hit the road once again.

Here at Roaddogs we are not going to help you find cheaper airfare or even a room. There are countless sites for that. We are going to show you first hand the places we go to and things that we see along the road as we travel. Based on the travels and adventures of Hugh and Lynn.

Over the past fews years during my rehabilitation I have been busy improving my photography, video making and graphics skills. Some of my photos have made their way into the stock photo world and my nature videos on youtube have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. I also became a founding member of Digital Juice, the makers of the finest motion graphics assets on the planet. That means our site will also be visually spectacular and our videos will have beautiful music to accompany the worlds greatest sights.

We have also moved the links to our older overview videos to their own page. The "Archives" page is now available. See some of where we have been and how our videos have evolved.




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