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Remember way back in 2015 when we switched to this format and I wrote this.

"Lynn and I have been bringing you our travels and adventures for many years now. We have played with many different formats and shown you some pretty cool stuff. When we were involved in a car accident in 2006 and then a workplace accident in 2008 it severely complicated life long orthopedic problems for Hugh and his disabilities became a concern that it would be the end of our site. The good news is that we are back and while semi-disabled I am ready to grab my camera, my cane and the lovely Miss Lynn and hit the road once again.

Here at Roaddogs we are not going to help you find cheaper airfare or even a room. There are countless sites for that. We are going to show you first hand the places we go to and things that we see along the road as we travel. Based on the travels and adventures of Hugh and Lynn.

Over the past fews years during my rehabilitation I have been busy improving my photography, video making and graphics skills. Some of my photos have made their way into the stock photo world and my nature videos on youtube have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. I also became a founding member of Digital Juice, the makers of the finest motion graphics assets on the planet. That means our site will also be visually spectacular and our videos will have beautiful music to accompany the worlds greatest sights.

I hope you enjoy our site. If the delivery is a little dry, sorry, just trying to show the beauty of things around us. I do not deceive myself into beleiving I am some great writer. Just a guy wandering around enjoying the world god has given us and sharing the stuff I see. I am always trying to improve the delivery and those of you who have been long time vistors know what I am talking about. For those of you just joining check out the archives and see for yourself. We will continue to add things litle by little and improve as we go along. Hopefully in a few years when the lovely Miss Lynn and I decided we have had enough of the real world, We will have built something here worthy of promoting and can go to it as a full time retirement adventure. Won't that be fun? (at least for us it will be)"

We have come a long way since then. Our plans were to continue going on a few adventures per year until retirement. Then we were going to promote it buy an RV and ride off into the sunset showing you the world as best we can full time. Things have been good since we switched to this format and our site has grown. All of it without promotion. Those of you that have found us have done it purely by chance. WELCOME.

So now a little update about our future plans.

As most of you know the old Roaddog is somewhat disabled. I have fought the problems and complications that have affected my life since the car accident in 2006. In spite of it all I managed to rise above it and business prospered.

With the pandemic and its lockdowns and travel restrictions, like everyone, we entered into a period of inactivity. While we have added content to our site it has all been single day trips from our home base in Studio City. A little over a year ago as the pandemic began to subside I decided to try and give my business a little kick in the rear. I got my commercial drone license and bought a really nice little drone. It would enable me to expand my bag of tricks with things like aerial photography, as builts, site documentation, photogramerty and more. My business is design and production so it enables me to do much more. Not to mention what it does for this site.

Now the bad news. As I got more active and came out of my cave last year and I began to learn how to fly the drone I also discovered the condition of my back and legs had deteriorated severly. I knew my walking was getting more problematic for a while. And once the pain comes into play on any given day, game over for that day. Time for narcotics and beddie-bye. It has not been this bad since 2006 when I first became crippled. It has become so bad I finally broke down last October and filed for social security disability. I was denied in April and have been since been denied for a second time and will have to appeal once again. Final determination is still up in the air. We will keep you posted.

So what does that mean for our site?

Regardless of what happens with Social Security. I will not be returning to the workforce. I will continue to add content as I am able. It might be slow in coming but I will find local things to show you while we wait for Miss Lynn to finish up with her nonsense. (Few more years) As of now plans remain the same. Work until retirement then promote, promote, promote our site then off to live on the road ike gypsies. By the time we get there I am hoping to become popular among the RV'rs and people with disabilities set.

Nice dream. I hope you come along for the journey.




FIRST 20 years of Roaddogs Travels





12=9-22 Just posted the picture of the week. We are all caught up so check it out.

I am having some issues with one of my hard drives. If I don't post for a while that will be the reason. But not to worry. I will still be working on it in the background.


11-29-22 I know, I know I am behind again but wouldn't you know it. I finished my battle with covid just in time to do battle with what seemed like the flu. Whatever it was it sure messed up Thanksgiving. Then today on a routine examination they found and removed a kidney stone.

Good time had by all.

I got caught up with at least the pics of the week, inclusing this Fridays early. This new camera is getting some great pictures and my photography skills are advancing nicely. Look for our site becoming even more beautiful than before.


11-11-22 Just posted the photo of the week. We are working hard to get the many places we saw on our Utah trip published. It will go hand in hand with our New National Parks discovery page. There is a lot in there so I think I will star trickiling that stuff out soon. It will probably take us years to get all of the National Parks under our belt but we will give it a heck of a try.


11-6-22 Well we are home from our trip and oh what an adventure it was. You can go ahead and call me Knucklehead or anything else you want because I forgot to post the picture of the week before I left , SORRY! Weekly pictures are all caught up now.

Now that we have that out of the way. Our trip was fantastic. Right up to the second to the last night. Miss Lynn Started to feel bad. Looked like the start of a cold. We only had one more night on the road and it was supposedd to be at a friends house in Vegas but Miss Lynn felt bad enough we decided to call it quits the day before we were supposed to. We got home and immediatly tested for covid and discovered somewhere out there on our fantastic trip we contracted the dreaded virus. We have both been vacinated and twice boosted so hopefully it will be a mid case. So far Miss Lynn is getting the worst of it. So current CDC protocol is 5 days complete isolation followed by 5 days of mask wearing.

So that is what we will do. As long as it doesn't completely wipe me out I should be able to post the many great things we saw over the last 2 weeks. We bought a new camera and it provided some incredible imagery. I can't wait to share it. And speaking of sharing, it is the time for us to promote this site so if you like what we are doing here don't forget to like, subscribe and share all of our content with others.


10-21-22 In this weeks picture of the week, we take you back to a place we first showed on 6-3-22. Lynn and I go past this place often. A place where people stack rocks next to the crashing waves. Between the wind and the waves they do not last long. On a recent drive along the coast we stopped and I made this little stack that I am putting up for the picture of the week. Thought it made an interesting shot.

In other news. Many of you are aware that we have been planning a Yellowstone trip. Miss Lynn finally got some time off but we feel it is a little late in the season to try that one but we are going on a road trip further south where winter is not yet showing that it is one its way. As you know the grandsons moved to Idaho and we miss them dearly. So we are going to chance the weather and the mostly featureless landscape to spend a few days with our boys then we are off to Southern Utah to explore the fabulous desert there. Thats right we are off for another epic adventure through the incredible canyons and deserts of Utah. A whole week of wonder and photography. We plan on visiting Arches, Canyonlands, Capital Reef, Bryce and Zions National Parks and we will check out other noteworthy things like Newspaper Rock, Dead Horse Point and anything else we run across along the way. Look for it in November.


10-14-22 Just posted the picture of the week, on time for a change. I have had one helluva week. Started on Monday when Miss Lynn and myself went for a drive along the coast. We came upon a place where the waves were crashing on the rocks and up on the road. It looked interesting to me and I decided I wanted to shoot a little video, so I grabbed the "B" roll and found a place that I thought was safe to shoot from.

A little tip, When dealing with the ocean never assume you are safe. Out of nowhere a wave crashed on the rocks right below me. Needless to say I ws not prepared and the wave creamed me. It lifted me off my feet and slammed me down on the road. So here I am battered and bruised and limping around worse than ever. I don't think I further injured myself but time will tell.

Like I said one helluva week.


10-9-22 I was a little late in posting last weeks picture of the week but it is online now. Still going thru a rough time with the back and legs so until this pain spike either puts me down permanetly or subsides enough where managing the pain is not first and foremost on my mind, things might be a little slow in posting.

A lot of people have been asking when they might see some of the boatride out to Channel Islands National Park? I will say soon. We are in the middle of revamping the site and one of the things we have planned is a National Parks section, so it will show up there. COMING SOON!


9-21-22 I know, I know I have not posted anything from the Channel Islands boat ride. That is because, as we feared, the hurricane caused the trip to be canceled. It has been potponed to this Saturday the 24th of September 2022. Keep your fingers crossed we actually get to go this time.

Since we are just killing time until Lynn can retire I am going to (As I am able) undertake a major update on our site. We have not done anything this drastic since 2015. That brought us our current format and I think the new stuff will even be better.

We will roll out these changes as we are able over the next several months.


9-9-22 Just posted the pic of the week. Also Miss Lynn and I are going to take a little boat ride tomorrow. We will be heading out to the Channel Island National Park. As long as the hurricane churning up the coast doesn't interfere.

I posted a while back that I got my Lifetime National Parks Pass and I am determined to see them all. In fact we are going to prepare a special web page dedicated to the Nation Parks and Monuments. Miss Lynn and I have visited several of the National Parks so we have a lot to show you already. I will get that online as soon as I can. Look for the new National Parks page coming soon.

Since I have become so crippld up. And my disabilities have become bad enough to make me exit the workforce. I am going to start commenting on the accomodations provided the disabled at the places we go. I never thought it would happen to me but it is something becoming more and more important.


9-7-22 Miss Lynn and I went to Zuma Beach in Malibu with our good friend #mizblak last saturday and the dolphins were out in force. A pod of them decided to feed and cavort in the surf right in front of us. They are always fun to watch. Got some great video and it is really cool seeing them swimming in the wave itself. Check it out below.


Zuma Beach


8-23-22 Just posted our trip to the Trona Pinnacles. It was nice, fun and hot. We had a drone problem so I did not get everythig I wanted but I did get some real cool stuff. Check it out in the Quick look section.

Or hit the link here


8-13-22 Miss Lynn and I need some sort of trip so we are off for an overnighter. We will be driving out to the Trona Pinnacles in the Mojave desert.. Should be an interesting adventure and we should get some great drone footage. It is projected to get up to 106 degrees so we will be in no hurry getting there today. Our plan is to get there late afternoon as it starts to cool and then shoot the evening golden hour. We will stay the night in Ridgecrest and then back out before sunrise to catch the morning golden hour. So we should be back on the road heading home before it gets too hot.

I know I still have a lot to learn about photography and I am working on it everyday. As this next chapter of life unfolds I plan on showing you some real cool stuff. I know I still owe you the "Great Western Movie Ranches video" And it is coming, I still need to get a couple more pics and we will get that out. The hike to the Cave of Munits took a little more out of me than I expected so as usual I am slightly behind. Pain and disabilities can some times get in the way but I will post as soon as I can.

Check out this weeks pcture of the week as well as #bigbadroaddog on instagram for pics from our adventure today. Depending on our trips outcome we should be able to get a video out sometime next week.


8-5-22 I just posted the picture of the week and also a new quick look. THE CAVE OF MUNITS! Until recently I had never heard of it before. Check it out at quick looks


7-8-22 I will be adding a new Roaddogs Histories sometime next week. We will be looking at the great western movie ranches. Right from the begining of film, the western genre has always been a fan favorite. I have just uploaded a new picture of the week. Still in a bad place with my back and legs but each dawn brings fresh hope.



A little toast for today "To the army and the navy and the battles they have won. To the Red, White and Blue the colors that never run! May the wings of liberty never lose a feather."


7-1-22 WOW Half the year gone already. Time do fly! Just posted a new picture of the week and am busy redesigning our site should be fun and a bold new look by years end. Still having a downturn with the old back but I got a good attitude and each dawn brings fresh hope. As soon as Miss Lynn can get away we will be going somewhere.


6-16-22 In case you are not up on the latest news. Yellowstone is experiencing massive floods and the park has been closed with current vistors asked to leave. So it looks like that trip has been put off once again. Miss Lynn has been told she has to train someone in her duties before she can have that long overdue vacation. So it looks like the soonest we can blast off is September. If Yellowstone is not open by then, we will have to plan something else. Stay tuned. Another reason for that September date is that, I am currently dealing with a downturn with my back and legs. It has been a rough ride since the car accident in 2006 and the ups and downs I live with have been challenging and at times extreme.

Although I am currently going through a rough patch. I refuse to let these issues completly sideline me. I have never promoted this site much, slowly building it over the years. I have always viewed it as a retirement project. Since I am not returning to the workforce I suppose in effect I am retired. A lot slower and much less able than I had hoped I would be at this point but ready to give it a go. I hope to show that in spite of certain obvious limitations this old roaddog is not so much handicapped but instead handicapable.

We will soon be implementing some big changes here at Roaddogs.com and promoting it like crazy. So come back often and check it out. I will be re-releasing all of our Roaddog videos with the updated site and I will update and add content as often as I can. Then in a few more years down the road when The Lovely Miss Lyn is done with her work life. We will be hitting the road and bringing you our travels on a daily basis from the road.

I will have the changes implemented as soon as I can and then you can tell all your little friends to check out our site. My goal for it is to generate enough interest and income to at least pay for our gas.


5-30-22 Lots happening at Roaddogs! Since I am not returning to the work force I will be spending more time on the site. Well as much time as I can muster under the circumstances. And given that is the case, then it is time to start promoting the site. It will not be that long until the Lovely Miss Lynn will be done with her work career and that will mean full time Roaddoging.

We are currently updating the site with a bold new look. We will also be re-realeasing all of our Roaddog Travels videos. And we have a few new videos in the works. We are trying to take our long anticipated Yellowstone trip. (hopefully this summer) We are hoping to take a couple of weeks and make it all encompassing like our Border to Border trip.

I am looking forward to the next phase of development for this site.


5-16-22 Miss Lynn and I took a drive out along a portion of ROUTE 66 to an ancient volcano and lava tubes that are supposed to be something unique. While the adventure wasn't the greatest success it still provided some pretty good photos and some nice drone work. Look for it later this week.


5-6-22 Another couple of weeks have flown by and not much new to report. New Pictures of the week and the drone video has been added to the last post on Heritage Square.

This weeks picture of the week was taken at the Vetrans Memorial Park in Sylmar. Former site of the Vetrans Hospital that was destroyed in the 1971 earthquake. It is also the site of where most of the 64 lives that were lost in that earthquake happened. In the late 70's it ws converted into a beautiful park that I will do a video to and post soon on Roaddogs Histories.


4-19-22 I know I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything. As many of you know the old Road Dog is somewhat disabled and the last several months have been tough but we are still here and we have many road trips planned. One of the things stille holding us back is that The Lovely Miss Lynn is still working and my disability has not been approved. Currently Miss Lynn's job has her up to her ass in alligators. Makimg it tough to find time to get out. You know the old saying "When you are up to your ass in alligstors it is dificult to remember that your prime objective is to drain the swamp." Be patient it is coming. And we have some exciting changes planned.

In the meantime I have caught up with the picture of the week. I should be able to keep up here on out. Keep your fingers crossed.

While Miss Lynn continues the last few years of her career, on the days I can muster up the strength I will be getting out and posting where and when I can. like this drone flight over Heritage Square museum in Los Angeles.



2-22-22 Miss Lynn and I had the chance to take a quick trip out to Red Rock Canyon and Dove Springs off road area. We caught this little video of a young man riding his dirt bike. This drone is pretty incredibale, it caught this footage with an automatic flying and tracking mode. This is going to have some real nice uses on our travels. Check out the video by clicking on the image below.


1-28-22 Finally got our California Coastal Quickie roadtrip that we took back in November online. Hope you enjoy.

California Coastal Quickie.


1-15-22 We have started posting our picture of the week once again. Check out all the pictures at

Picture of the WEEK


1-14-22 I went out for a bike ride yesterday down by the L.A. River and filmed a murder. Click on the link below to see it. You wont believe your eyes.



1-12-22 Our first post of the new year. We have just added the first of our Roaddogs Histories. Since gas prices are so out of control, (Thanks President Biden) I thought it appropriate for our first offering to visit the place where the commercial oil industry got started in California. So today we take a quick look at Mentryville, The Pico No. 4 Oilwell and the Pioneer Oil Refinery. Click the image below and check it out.



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